Our cloud-based platform leverages the power of IoT technology to collect real-time, actionable data from your app-enabled network.

Everything is designed to integrate with your existing systems providing control of the entire supply chain.

We offer data logging and tracking solutions to fit a variety of logistical needs.


Sensors log data from origin to destination. The sensor’s data and any alerts are automatically uploaded upon delivery giving you a complete data history of the shipment’s voyage.


Track shipments in real-time using pings from the driver’s smartphone. You can also get specified alerts from origin to destination.

Sense + Track

Completely light up your network with our platform and mobile apps. Collect real-time location and condition data on cargo, increase efficiency, and gain full visibility.

SenTra Scanner

It is only a 1 step process! Consignees simply scan the IoT sensor and the temperature and humidity data collected during transport is automatically and securely uploaded to the Online Command Console.

Track - Last Mile

This white glove delivery solution instantly collects electronic proof of delivery (ePOD) and works with our customizable app to collect all relevant last mile data. Drivers and delivery personnel love the easy-to-follow steps and on-screen signatures.


This is the most hands-off solution that we offer as it requires no app for drivers and is almost entirely automated. The SensorHub is mounted at a docking bay and outfitted with a power source. Installation is quick and easy. The hub is always on and in scanning mode. When a shipment comes through the bay, the hub automatically scans and uploads the logged sensor data to the platform.

Track your cargo for less than $1 per shipment*

*Minimum monthly subscription fees apply.
**Hardware cost for SENSE and SENSE + TRACK solutions not included.

How can we help protect your cargo?

If it can spoil, melt, break, or otherwise be damaged, we have you covered. We cover everything else, too.


Keep a cool head. A cool head of lettuce, that is. Or any other produce or perishables.


Paint, cosmetics and other formulas are sensitive to temperature and humidity, too.


Keep your stuff from breaking without breaking the bank. Our shock sensors alert you if your stuff is dropped or jostled.


Sensors alert you to changes in temperature, shock, and location. Communicate with drivers, too.