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Marian Sterk
Marian Sterk

We would like to thank Eric Johnson at for including SensorTransport and Maersk in his article: “Container Lines Double Down on Tracking Tech”.

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Here is a little preview:

The company, founded by Rob Haney, a veteran of INTTRA and APL Logistics, takes an even more granular approach to tracking, with a two-pronged approach to collecting data on cargo. The company offers inexpensive, disposable tracking devices meant to be affixed directly to goods (at the package or pallet level) and designed to monitor motion, humidity, temperature, light, magnetism, and sound. The data generated by the sensors is viewable by a mobile app, the data collected by a relay network known in tech circles as a “disconnected client.”
But Haney said he doesn’t see SensorTransport as a hardware company. The company purchases sensors from third party makers and and focuses on developing software to support the data generated by the sensors.
“A pivotal thing for us was when we decided not to build hardware, because that would have drained our resources, and someone will always build it cheaper,” he said.
Haney said the platform is usable even without sensors, the other method of adoption. For instance, a user could simply tap into the GPS location of a truck driver if they’re more interested in real-time location of goods. If the interest is in tracking the temperature or vibration of the goods, the sensor data is more important.
“When we spoke with companies, we found that it was interesting for them to know where things were in real-time, but it was catastrophic if they didn’t know about product being damaged, or if an alert fails, and the product ends up on the shelf,” he said. “The brand is worth so much more than the cargo.”