Control your cargo. Control your network.

Control your brand.

A platform empowering a perfect delivery.

We are SensorTransport

Advancements in IoT and Mobile App technology make innovating the antiquated supply chain possible. With low-cost sensors and a network of branded mobile apps, what was once impossible, is now achievable and affordable.

How can we help you?

We unify goods-in-transit with people, processes, and systems

Digitize Processes

No more stacks of paper, cluttered whiteboards and lost delivery receipts. Manage shipments, get instant ePOD, and keep your record safe in the cloud.

Collect Real-Time,Vital Data

No more guessing. With IoT sensors and apps, you know where your cargo is, it's condition, and who is handling it.

Control an Entire Logistics Network

No more juggling different platforms. You can control a global supply network from one online dashboard that integrates with your TMS.

Increase Efficiency

No more waiting. Systems integration and automated alerts decrease clutter and questions which means less phone calls, more data, and faster invoicing.

Our technology

Our cloud-based platform leverages the power of IoT technology to collect real-time, actionable data from your app-enabled network. Everything is designed to integrate with your existing systems providing control of the entire supply chain.

Unlock the full potential of your logistics network

Our solution makes your life easier, more productive and allows you to offer recognition to people.This control enables you to protect your brand and provide the World’s best delivery experience for you and your customers.

Why SensorTransport?

Our platform brings the innovation your supply chain has been asking for. There is no other solution on the market that integrates your people with the technology and network.

Global network

Fully access your global network with multi-language, easy-to-use apps for universal adoption.


We leverage IoT technology that enables us to provide customers with the latest available hardware.


We unify your logistics network by establishing processes while empowering connections among the people handling your goods.


Own your data and take full control of your supply chain with real-time updates on the location and/or condition of all your shipments.

Branded App

We build and deploy your branded app for total network and market adoption.

What others say…

“Quality control is a top priority, it only takes one melted lipstick to hurt the brand. We need to prevent that damage before it reaches the consumer.”

Head of Innovation and Technology, Top 10 Pharma Company