Do you know how your shipment is being handled?

We deliver logistics solutions that protect top brands and deliver value against widespread supply chain challenges. Our team leverages advanced IoT and Mobile App technologies to provide real-time monitoring of goods in transit.

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Is your brand at risk?

Shippers lack the visibility and real time monitoring to ensure transport and delivery is happening according to plan. When things go wrong, the price can be high.

  • Customer expectations are not being met
  • Waste and inefficiency in logistics is expensive
  • Most logistics tracking software is cumbersome and
  • Your brand could be at risk
Technology is
not delivering



of shippers aren’t using technology to manage transportation

The potential is



of executives surveyed cite supply chain visibility as a key enabler to achieve digital transformation goals

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The Opportunity

SensorTransport combines mobile apps, sensors and smartphone connections to make real shipment visibility attainable and simple.

  • Location – Where is the shipment?
  • Temperature – Has product quality been compromised?
  • Light – Has the shipment been tampered with?